The pandemic is still not over and we are managing the resulting economic and social impact. Risk professionals are called to support and advise their business on a plethora of topics such as hard market, business recovery, security, talent attrition, political risks etc. If only there was a way we can share openly with each other and draw insights on how we are managing similar challenges.

In this 1 hour risk managers only session, we ask senior risk managers across APAC to bring their case studies (scars and all) and share challenges they have faced as well as strategies they have taken to overcome them in their organization. We invite all risk professionals to join us and engage in this open peer-to-peer learning.

Chairman Welcome Address

Welcome back to another year of Resilience Week! Hear from Franck Baron, Chairman of PARIMA on his opening address.

Sustainability – How to transition from statement to reality?

Sustainability has been on the minds of everyone in the last decade, but how do we see more tangible outcomes instead of just boardroom chatter. Join Xavier Veyry, CEO Asia Pacific & Europe, AXA XL, Alison Martin, CEO EMEA and Bank Distribution, Zurich and Franck Baron, Chairman of PARIMA as they discuss how the insurance industry is moving towards a more action based strategy.

During the session we will be answering these questions from both insurer and risk manager perspectives.

  • Impacts of global warming on insurance losses
  • Insurers as investors: are we investing / supporting ESG companies and funds
  • Insurers as capital consumers: how is ESG impacting insurers’ interest in attracting investors and raising capital
  • Are insurers changing underwriting / risk appetite depending on industry / environmental impact (i.e., insuring coal companies, etc.)

Today, data is the new gold. While data is perceived to be a source of intelligence that could help organisations make informed risk management decisions, and predict risks to their portfolios, it continues to be an area that corporates struggle with.

Data readiness among organisations vary significantly. While some companies are challenged by the lack of quality data, others grapple with the issue of data overload given the prevalence and availability of data from various sources including brokers, insurers, and partners. How critical is it for companies to have ready access to data? What would enable corporates to harness the full value of data? How can data be the catalyst for innovation, and how can corporates enhance their business resilience through data?

We have witnessed transformative forces that have augmented the world we know, and we will continue to see more of such large, global changes during our lifetime. Join us for this session as we attempt to distil the impact of these trends in the Southeast Asia region, as we discuss about the focus of the post-pandemic economy across areas such as healthcare, logistics and supply chain resilience, and the digital economy which is taking place amidst some unique population, demographic and foreign direct investment trends in the region. How can insurers partner with companies better to manage the risks behind these trends?

With his unique perspective over a long career in law enforcement, corporate investigations and consulting, Paul Jackson takes a different look at an enterprise’s most valuable resource – and perhaps its largest source of risk. In today’s pandemic world, disrupted by hybrid and remote work arrangements, the defence of an IT environment from threat actors becomes increasingly complex – exacerbated by new ways in which insiders and third parties can either unwittingly or maliciously expose an organisation to risk. Criminal ingenuity moves faster than the pace of security and this presentation will introduce some of the prevalent threats being faced by organisations throughout APAC.

Solutions to this growing problem are not easy. The presentation will cover options and technical solutions for managing an insider threat program (which also can address remote productivity monitoring) and the challenges of balancing this with a need to respect employee privacy. It will also cover third party risk and the complexity of managing relations in a secure manner. This will be supplemented with case studies and scenarios to underscore the messages.

Accelerating Innovation

Hear from Aon’s new APAC CEO, Anne Corona about how Aon is innovating and evolving to deliver the best of the firm to clients, partners, colleagues and the communities in a fireside chat with Franck Baron, Chairman of PARIMA.

Aon's 2021 Global Risk Management Survey

Be in the front seat to find out what the top risk concerns in Asia Pacific are as Aon shares the release of their 2021 Global Risk Management Survey. Join Jane Drummond and Rahul Chawla as they analyse the survey findings and its implications for risk managers in the region. Following the presentation, a panel discussion moderated by Jane with Franck on how organisations need to stay ahead of the new developing risks and taking a look at the underrated risks in the region.

With an increasingly fluid environment in the backdrop, businesses around the world need to adapt and transform the way they look at risks in order to overcome challenges coming their way. Captives have come a trusted, flexible and efficient alternative to finance insurance programmes for Risk Managers. Businesses are thinking more and more about increasing their usage and looking to diversify their risk with new lines of business.

Juliet Kwek, Regional director Asia Pacific at MAXIS GBN will be speaking alongside Shiwei Jin, Global Programs & Captives Regional Director Asia Pacific at AXA XL together with Farah Jaafar, Chief Executive Officer of Labuan IBFC about this all important topic at the PARIMA Resilience Week this October. They will be discussing how employee benefits (EB) risks like life, disability and medical insurance are a great example of new lines being added to captives, moderated by Soni Srivastava, Regional Head of Corporate Insurance, APAC Deutsche Bank.

「慶應義塾大学商学部 柳瀬典由研究室 企業におけるリスクマネジメントの実態調査速報レポート」の概要報告  

―プレセンター :AIG損害保険株式会社(調査協力) James Nash氏、隅山 淳一氏 



―パネリスト:キリンホールディングス株式会社 菅 雄一郎氏

三井物産株式会社           平岡 道大氏

―モデレーター :豊田通商株式会社     山西 努氏

The COVID pandemic has made workforce health and wellbeing agenda a priority for C-Suite executives. The emergence of new variants reminds us that infectious diseases are constantly evolving. What are the vital signs (health and wellbeing risks) organisations need to monitor to build people resilience beyond COVID? What are the complexities and how can an organisation future proof for the next health crisis? What are the lessons learnt from our clients in people and organisational Resilience during COVID.

Bringing together a panel of hard-hitting professionals in the risk industry, we summarise the key insights from the last 5 days that we can tangible and practically take forward. Join us as we explore what resilience means in markets like India and China, what lies ahead for us, especially in the next few months and what are some risk managers doing about it.

This session is great for risk managers who would want to distil the key takeaways from resilience week, meet like-minded risk professionals who are open to sharing their struggles and gain some inspiration to think and plan for 2022 and beyond.

From Greenwashing to Net Zero - the biggest risk?

2021 has seen a coming of age moment with global recognition of the science behind climate change and the potential impact on both countries and specific organisations. It seems the consequences for Asia will be particularly significant. What practical steps can risk managers take to align with the changes seen at the corporate level and how is the insurance industry supporting?

Closing Plenary